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5 Trends Web Design Firm’s Love in 2019



More than halfway through 2019, website design trends have taken a big turn from the usual and common of the past years.


If you follow any of these trends, your choice of web design firm will thank you for it. If you’re looking to have your website made or revamped, contact G4 Design House Today!



Top Website Design Trends in 2019



Unique Layouts

When it comes to web design, certain patterns are followed. Most ads, for example, are placed on the extreme right corner of a website. This is why people generally avoid that area.


This won’t be the case in 2019, what with asymmetrical, unusual, and scattered grid-style layouts taking the forefront in website design.


Think of this as a web design firm breaking the mold and embracing an innovative approach to design creativity.



Striking Color Scheme

Expect websites in 2019 and later to sport an exuberant and vibrant range of colors. Device displays have significantly changed over the years, after all.


Resolutions are higher and the color palette is richer and richer.


It is only logical for websites to accommodate these changes, especially with the mobile-first revolution. Color gradients and transitions will be more attractive this year.


To add depth and strength to typographies and design, metallic colors such as gold and silver will be used.



Hand-drawn Text and Illustration

With more advanced stylus and digital pens that are compatible with tablet or laptop touchscreens, text and illustrations drawn by hand are predicted to make an appearance in website design.


This is mainly due to the level of originality and innovativeness that hand-drawn text brings to any design. You should hire a web design firm that offers such a service for more options on website graphics.




These play like a video but don’t occupy a lot of space or slow down page load speed. Consider GIFs as a replacement to Flash animations with more advantages.


Done professionally and in a subtle manner, GIFs will add style and creativity to a website. The slightest of movement on a header, for example, makes a site less boring and relatable.


Because many smart apps make it easy to create small-sized GIFs, web design firms would have fun using this feature on your own website.



Simple yet Powerful Graphics

The layout trend in 2019 may be unique and asymmetrical but it shouldn’t be cluttered and complex. The key is to be creative without causing eye strain to online visitors and professional without creating confusion.


The essence of a brand should always be the star and navigation and graphics should support it rather than overshadow it. It is the responsibility of a web design firm to create a huge impact with minimal designs.


Remember these design trends when visualizing your website. You can also use them as a basis for choosing a web design company.



How to Choose a Web Design Firm to Work with

  • Work out your budget and find a company that will deliver quality for that amount.
  • Look at past clients and ask for feedback or reviews.
  • Check out a web design agency’s client retention rate.
  • Check out their customer support and how well it’s delivered.




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