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Artificial Intelligence and Web Development: The Ties That Bind



The world first came to know about artificial intelligence through movies. But today, AI has become more than just a robot on the big screen because of how it’s influencing almost all aspects of technology, business, and even digital marketing.

Perhaps one of the biggest influences of AI is in web design and development.

In a time when e-commerce is growing more competitive, companies are scrambling to find innovative yet affordable web design and development solutions that will put their business at the forefront of e-commerce. But how exactly does AI play a role in web design and development?


The significance of artificial intelligence in web development

This year, there are already at least 4.5 billion internet users around the world, most of which are spending time online to make purchases.

It is why good web design has become imperative for every website, especially since 75% of consumers decide on a business’s credibility based on the design of its website and at least 38% leave a website if they find the layout or content unattractive.

Also, 88% of online consumers say that they won’t visit a website again due to bad user experience.

For businesses, this means that affordable web design and development is a non-negotiable, and Artificial Intelligence can help fulfill these requirements through innovations like voice search and chatbots.


The benefits of AI in web design and development

AI-driven solutions bring about several benefits to websites in terms of web design and development including:

  • A more personalized content. Content can be more than just about targeting a general audience. With AI, you can now show content that’s specifically designed for that target market. When someone visits your website, for instance, AI can suggest videos, blog posts, and other content that’s relevant to that audience based on his past search behavior.
  • Better reply predictions. Chatbots are now widely used in websites because of how they can predict the exact responses and reactions to customer queries using methods like behavior analysis, data encryption, and multi-factor authentication. This has been proven to increase sales and build stronger credibility among businesses.
  • Voice-based search. In 2016, Google released the Google Assistant where users only need to talk to their mobile device to search for something. Then, virtual assistants like Google Home, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana became popular with more than 58% of consumers now using voice-based search. This is why web developers are now adding voice search adaptability as a major feature of websites to allow for local businesses and brands to be searched using voice commands.

Finally, artificial intelligence plays an important role in giving consumers an excellent user experience when visiting websites. These days, the goal of affordable web design and development is to drive profit and competitive advantage through a customer-centric approach.

AI has been helping web designers and developers reinvent regular websites using UX features and other capabilities to make them more suitable for customers and giving them a better user experience.


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