WordPress is NOT a Do-It-Yourself platform. We are not referring to the generic blogger website when we say that. Sure, almost anyone can get one of the free templates off of WordPress, pop in an image or two and start blogging away. But we are talking about professionally designed business websites that are created to generate customers and income. These sites usually have specific purposes such as selling products in a shopping cart, signing up memberships, lead generation, corporate identity and a whole host of other functions. All kinds of businesses need a functional site like this, whether it be for the small mom and pop business or for very large corporations and big brands. In fact, many of the most visited and popular websites today are built with the WordPress platform.  Because of these factors, it’s very important that the web design services that are developing the website have a vast knowledge of WordPress, the different themes, page builders, tricks, the do’s and don’ts, plugins, management and maintenance and all of the little nuances that WordPress presents. It takes years of regularly working on WordPress websites to master these things. In the end you might have to pay a little more for this experience and knowledge but you will save a ton of time, grief and money in the long wrong.  Cheaper is not better.