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5 Smart Tips to Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy for 2020



We are seeing the biggest evolution in marketing today. As the new decade begins, strategies now need to be future proof and more ambitious than ever. Playing it safe won’t do the job anymore and taking risks often lead to big rewards if done right.


But how exactly can you develop an effective and affordable web marketing strategy for 2020 that ticks all the right boxes?



Evaluate your Existing Marketing Strategies


How well did you do last year? Did your marketing strategies help you achieve your goals? Do you have strategies that you want to change or improve? You don’t always need to start from scratch at the beginning of the year. Sometimes, it’s all about evaluating existing strategies and reuse those that work for you. This is a smart move, especially if there weren’t many movements in your competitive landscape.



Give Priority to Customer Data Privacy


With social media being the most widely used marketing tool today, it has become an easy target for hackers and other wrongdoers who are out to steal private data. This is why issues regarding disinformation and data privacy have been hounding social media platforms over the past year.


Whether your company has suffered from these issues or not, it’s very important to make consumer data privacy a priority. Find strategies that allow you to share meaningful information to consumers in a non-intrusive manner.



Carve out your Marketing Funds


Let’s face it; your marketing plan is only as good as your budget. Since marketing plays an important role in your success as a business, you need to allocate at least 10% of your gross annual revenue for marketing efforts. Carving out your funds at the beginning of the year will make it easier for you to put together a strong marketing strategy knowing that you have the money to implement it.



Revisit your Goals


When you’re caught in the middle of the chaos of running a business, it’s easy to lose track of your goals. But if you’re going to make a good marketing strategy this year, you need to go back to your goals first. Why did you start this business? What do you want to accomplish as a brand? Are you looking to build a more credible persona? Do you want to increase your sales?



Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace new Technologies


Artificial intelligence will be making headlines this year, but it’s also causing a lot of worry in people who are afraid of losing their jobs to automation. But the world is moving fast and you need to take advantage of every opportunity to be more efficient at what you do.


Embracing technologies like AI doesn’t necessarily mean foregoing the people who work for you. It’s all about making both things work and using traditional strategies with technological advancement to come up with a stronger marketing plan that will reap you bigger rewards in the long run.


Are you ready to take on 2020 with a bigger and bolder marketing strategy?



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