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Landing Pages: A Guide for Business Website Owners



You may hear it many times in your conversations with your web development and marketing teams, but you still don’t understand exactly what landing pages are and why they’re significant. All business websites need landing pages to increase conversion rates and acquire leads at a much lower cost. So as an entrepreneur, it’s also very important for you to understand what a landing page is.

Here are five things you should know about it:


What are landing pages?

A landing page is simply a page where a user “lands” after clicking a link from an online marketing source like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. In general, a landing page could be any page on your website. It could be the home page, product page, blog post, or contact us.

But when you talk about landing pages in the context of online marketing for business websites where they are solely created for receiving and converting traffic from a campaign, your options become smaller.

For instance, your homepage wouldn’t qualify as a landing page because it has too many distractions.


What’s the difference between a homepage and a landing page?

Some people would say that the homepage is the perfect landing page because it has everything—your logo, brand name, introductions, and of course, your links. But from an expert’s perspective, a landing page should focus only on “call to actions,” which is why marketers prefer to design a page just for a particular marketing campaign.

When creating your own landing page, make sure that you offer valuable information and include a call to actions that will enable people to get in touch with you through phone or chat, submit a form to become a lead, subscribe to your newsletter or email list, register for an event or make a purchase.


What are the important elements of landing pages?

Since a landing page’s goal is to generate leads and convert traffic, it should have these five important elements:

  • Above the fold content. This is the first few sentences that a user sees the moment he reaches the landing page, so it should have a good headline, a captivating introduction, a hero shot, and a summary of your content.
  • The benefits. If your user gets past through the above the fold content, you need to keep his interest by showing him the benefits of your offer.
  • Since most customers wouldn’t believe a marketing material right away, it’s good to add proof to your landing page through testimonials and high authority sources.
  • Call to action. Of course, you need to include a call to action throughout your landing page depending on what the goal of your campaign is.

Although you have experts who take care of your marketing campaigns and business website, it’s still very important to get a good understanding of what a landing page is so you know exactly what it does for your business and how you can maximize it.


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