The Process:

The 10 Step Performance Marketing Approach

Step 1 – Day 1 The Website

Since everything starts with the Website…we immediately begin by custom designing your new website. This new dynamic website will be agency level quality design per your vision and specification. The site is unique to you and only you. All work is completed by our entire team here in our headquarters in San Diego. We will assist guiding your new custom design. This is a complete turn-key solution so everything needed to run a successful website is included in the plan. i.e. full customization, hosting, backups and updates and additional service hours.

Step 2 – End of Month One SEO Set Up

All Onsite SEO is completed assuring your site is fundamentally sound to assist with our later marketing efforts and assure “recognition” with Google and ultimately lifting your company to page one in the search engine. We then index the website with Google, Bing and Yahoo. Social media accounts are added and bookmarked. We will create your data base and all lead capture, call to actions and new customer acquisition capture forms. Google analytics is installed and now we’re ready to rock ’n roll and to begin funding and implementing all your marketing!!

Step 3 - Month 2 Content Creation and Distribution

Content is created and distributed to ALL your companies online platforms. We begin with your SEO content creation and we will custom create professional online articles each and every month written with proper keywords and onsite optimization performed. These articles will be both feature articles of (500) words in length and (200) words in length w/accompanying video wraps. The article length is critical for Google not to penalize you and assure we are passing their Penguin filters showing you as an authority for content creation. We then post these articles to offsite SEO content posts through RSS feeds and a quality back-linking strategy. The length of article again allows us to be picked up by featured publishers. Finally, we post these features every month to your 6 social platforms that link back to your website. All video is then linked back to YouTube w/proper meta tags. Again, assisting with lift in your rankings.  We can utilize generic videos you have created or search vendor stock videos to generate search engine lift. Content is King with Google and we maximize every ounce of energy we can to assist with lifting you to 1st page Google.

Step 4 - Month 2 Directories

We will submit your website to all local [and national] directories. I will also include the free local directory listings on Google. You will be entered in approximately 45 directories that can be queried direct or through Google, Yahoo and Bing. Directories such as yellow pages, Google Plus, white pages, Manta,, super pages, merchant circle, DextKnows and several others.


Step 5 - Month 2 Custom Google Mapping

These are hidden from your website but required SEO Mapping google requires to build your “knowledge graph” and assist with google rankings. We include in the build-out:

  • Jpeg Images
  • Video
  • Meta Target Image
  • Keyword Phrases – Partial and Long-tail
  • Supporting content

Step 6 – Month 3 Effective Back-link Strategies & Content Distribution

The position you hold on Google is also determined by how many links you have pointing back to your site.  Our back-linking strategies range from competitor link building to pitching your brand to blogs and Media outlets. Competitor link building can be an important way of understanding why a brand is on page one. We comb through your competitors link profiles, which can sometimes be in the millions to find the best websites that you should be a part of. We then take the content we created for you to distribute to top tier publications with high quality scores further increasing your back-links and authority with Google..

Step 7 - Month 3 Google & Facebook PPC

Marketing Funding CREDIT INCREASED – in this phase as we create your paid click campaigns generating immediate targeted traffic to your website. Our skilled techs will identify your target clients and Geographical targets and create a quality paid search campaign. We then optimize the campaigns daily assuring positive ROI.

Step 8 - Month 3 Reporting & Analytics

We will include the following set up for you. These are a must so you can track performance but also so others can see that you are generating traffic:

  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media and Posting Stats
  • Weekly and monthly updates with client

Step 9 - Month 4 Email Marketing Set Up & Campaign Creation

It’s time to take your database and begin marketing to your existing clients. Depending on your product or service we will structure to maximize additional traffic, create ancillary revenue sources or (viral marketing) and referral programs.


Email Campaign – ancillary sales to existing clients: We can run this monthly or quarterly….or whenever you have a direct mail drop you want the email to coincide with.


ESP (Email Service Provider) Set Up:– includes creating account, uploading client data, segmentation, connectivity from ESP to clients website to automate lead downloads (real-time)


Sending email– This includes creating template Email, writing ad copy, sending and reporting stats. Note: we send each email 3 times; initial send and 2 follow ups to “Non-0pens” (doubles (CTR) click through rate). We can also send you a list of those leads that open and/or clicked to you. Good list for sales to follow up with.


HTML ad (optional): For Creation of customized HTML Full creation of dynamically designed HTML ads from scratch. Please note: this includes full design and one round of revisions. Any additional revisions would need to be charged at hourly design rates.


Retargeting (optional) – this is performance based and you only pay per click. Highly recommended and very effective. To estimate cost, we will price on 1 direct mail drop of 10k. At 20% responders you are generating 3k visitors to you website. We can anticipate from the visitors your CTR will be .2% – .4% or (6) clicks @ 3.00 per click or $18 associated with every 10k drop. Of course, you have more traffic coming to your site each day but as you can see, this is very cost effective for highly targeted traffic.

Step 10 - Month Five & Beyond Increase Marketing Efforts

…into Performance Based Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns. It’s now time to take you to the next level!! We will identify how to cost effectively initiate one or more – or all – of the following to generate huge revenues for you

  • Display Campaigns
  • Email Marketing– New Client Acquisition
  • Twitter and Instagram campaigns
  • Direct Mail
  • Televison and Radio
  • … and more

We are Certified in Adwords and Analytics