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5 Simple But Smart Tricks to Google Ads For 2020



Google has 92.16% of the total shares in the search engine market and it has one billion active users every month. So if you’re a business owner, it would be a natural step to invest in Google ads as part of your web marketing efforts.

If done right, Google ads can increase your in-store visits, boost your website traffic, and receive more leads that are easily convertible to sales. But before you can enjoy all that, learn all about these five simple but smart tricks first:


Re-evaluate your keywords

No matter how good your advertisements are, if they show up on the wrong audience, you won’t be getting the results that you want. This is mostly because of broad keyword terms and the only way you can fix that is to re-evaluate your keywords to see which terms are working and what needs tweaking.

If you use the right keywords, you can get more clicks while keeping your costs low.


Work on your ads

Consumers are now smarter than ever. So if they see that your headline and ad copy doesn’t match with what they’re searching for, they’ll never click your ad.

Think about the reasons the user is searching for your keywords and offer that value to him. You can even create different ads for a campaign to see which one yields the most results.


Invest in your landing page

One of the biggest web marketing mistakes is focusing too much on the ad itself but not on the landing page. Remember that while a user may click on your ad, you still need to convince him to purchase your product or subscribe to your service.

This is why you need to invest in your landing page and make sure that it has all the important elements that will help you convert a click to a lead or sale.


Fill out every available information field

Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) offer more opportunities for you to make your ad informative for users. Make sure to maximize this by filling out all available ad content like the final URL, headlines, paths, and description lines.

You can also try out Google’s new Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) feature where you list down a headline and description options that Google will test together to find the best results.


Expand your campaign to include mobile search

With most customers now searching through their mobile devices, it’s about time to expand your campaign to include mobile-focused ads that will increase your chances of reaching more consumers on their preferred device.

Work with your web marketing team in determining if your target market consists mostly of mobile users so you know if you have to invest in a mobile-focused campaign.

Google ads are extremely powerful for lead generation and sales. This is why it’s very important to learn about how to maximize their potential and really get the best value for your marketing budget.


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