Some speculate that AI is going to change how designers approach web development forever.

But even the experts have made incorrect predictions in the past regarding major tech.

They predicted Facebook would collapse due to the rapid development of instant messenger apps.

Experts predicted that magazines, newspaper and most other paper products would be replaced by electronic databases

Yet we see paper products still in use in everyday life and although they have declined, sales seem to be steadying.

Of course failed past predictions doesn't mean they are wrong about Artificial Intelligence.

We are already seeing it used in some mobile applications, editing softwares and even some new DIY website development platforms

The real question is,  will AI eliminate the need for a human aspect altogether?

That's probably an impossible question to answer right now, but one could see why some experts predict the future of website development does not include humans

I predict that as great as AI will be, it won't be able to replace the creative mind of a human being. What do you think?