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What’s New in SEO From a San Diego Web Designer

Another year has passed and with the beginning of 2022 is the anticipation for new shifts and movements in the world of search engine optimization. Anyone who works on optimizing websites would have to be naturally resilient.

Since Google has already released so many updates, SEO experts need to be on their feet to adapt to these changes to keep websites from falling low in the ranks.

So, what can we expect from SEO this year? Here are some tips from a San Diego web designer:

Say hello to MUM.

  • Last year, Google introduced the “Multitask United Model” or MUM, a new natural language processing model that followed the release of BERT in 2019, which changed the way SEO worked.


Aside from understanding the intent behind a search query, MUM is now also capable of understanding a user’s abstractions, context, and feelings, which allows Google to provide very specific answers without the need to dig deep with keywords.


Get to know Shopping Graph.

  • With the pandemic, people have been more interested in online shopping. Until last year, Google hasn’t been the best when it comes to its online shopping capabilities.


Now there’s the Shopping Graph. Google describes it as “a dynamic, AI-enhanced model that understands a constantly changing set of products, sellers, brands, reviews and, most importantly, the product information and inventory data we received from brands and retailers directly—as well as how those attributes relate to one another.”


Talk to Google with LaMDA.

  • Voice is now one of the most popular search methods for consumers. So popular that Google has invested in technology that will allow it to engage in a conversation with its users. Launched during the Google I/O conference last year, “Language Model for Dialogue Applications” or LaMDA is the company’s machine-learning model specifically created for dialogue. This means that Google will be able to integrate voice search into its algorithm. So, the same should be applied for optimization efforts.


Learn about passage ranking.


  • Ranking a website can be frustrating. Especially since the competition is tough and there’s the “zero rank” position that has made SEO more complicated than ever.


But Google doesn’t want SEO experts to lose hope, which is why it launched “passage ranking” in February last year. This allows for a specific passage to rank instead of the entire page, which is harder to achieve.

If you’ve been struggling with your SEO campaigns lately, it’s time to change things up this year and work with a San Diego web designer, like G4 Design House, in improving your website’s functionality and optimization.

Follow these trends to help your website rank higher with more traffic.

Despite algorithm changes, you can always adjust your campaigns with the help of experts in this area.

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