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How Can You Find out who is Hosting Your Website?



What is website hosting anyway? If you run a business that has a website, you probably hired someone to design, develop, and manage it. But as a business owner, it’s very important to learn about the in-betweens of running your website including website hosting and its features.

Web hosting is essentially a service that allows you to build and post your website on the Internet.

To be able to view your website on the web, all the data used to create it will be stored in servers run by your web hosting service provider or simply host. But how can you find out who’s hosting your website?


Check your money trail

If you’re running a full-sized website with all the advanced features that you wouldn’t find in a free hosting service, chances are, you’re paying for that service.

In some instances, web hosting could be a part of your Internet service package. The best way to know is to check your money trail. Ask your finance department to check where they’re paying each month or year for website hosting.


Use online tools

You can find several online tools to help you check where you’re website is hosted and other relevant information. Who Is Hosting This? is one of the most popular tools that you can use because it gives you the IP address, host, and other useful data about your website.

You can also check out DNS Stuff that offers a lot of information about domain names and websites, What’s the Site Running? Where you can get the IP address, server technology, and netblock owner, Reverse IP Address Lookup where you can learn more about your server and Whois that’s basically a domain name registrar where you can find a business’ physical address, name servers, and more useful information.


Do a reverse dig using Linux tools

If you’re a bit familiar with the tech side of websites, you can do a dig on the domain name using Linux tools so you can find out your IP address.

Then, you can use this information to do a reverse dig to get the netblock owner. If you don’t know how to work with commands on Linux, you can ask your IT guy or geek friend to do it for you.

After determining your website host, you can get in touch with that website hosting company to ask them if you can access your account. This is also a good opportunity for you to gauge if your web host is reliable or not.

Many of the better web hosting companies will not easily give you access to your account because of their tight security measures. They will ask you for some information to prove who you are and what business you run before they can allow you any access to your website.

But if your host instantly gave you access without asking a lot of authentication questions, you have to tell them to tighten up their measures or think about moving to another host if they won’t.


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