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There are thousands upon thousands of themes to choose from on the internet. It can be daunting to pick out just one for your company’s website. Each of them have unique features, and each are geared towards a specific type of website. Some are perfect for blogs, others are great for ecommerce. The theme that is best for your business will have incredible support features, so you won’t have to worry about your site crashing. If you choose the wrong theme, it could actually make your website slower. Website development services that are knowledgeable about the themes can assist you in building your site. A theme is the very core of your website and will have an effect on how users and search engines perceive it. So follow these tips to guide you in making the correct theme choice the first time, to avoid trouble down the road.

  1. Reviews, Ratings & Support

Without a doubt this is the most important step when it comes to choosing the WordPress theme that you will use for your business site.  All themes are not made equal and knowing what to look for is crucial when making your final decision. Our recommendation is to go to Themeforest.com where pretty much all themes are published for sale. Filter the type of theme you are looking for and sort the selections by “Best Sellers”. You might be asking why we said best sellers and not highest rated, and the answer lies in the preview feature. Brand new themes with very few sales will often times have great ratings. Those ratings usually come from users who are just previewing the theme, but are not actually installing and developing on it. A theme may look great from a preview, but not actually work that well in reality. When you sort by best sellers you are going to see the themes that have the most purchases on the platform. Those usually range into the tens of thousands. If they have a high sale count as well as very high ratings, you can rest assured that the theme will have many benefits attached. It will most definitely be coded properly by WordPress standards, it will be well maintained and well supported by its developers. All of these factors are very important for the long term. Good website development services will be able to work with good themes to create the site you want.

  1. Selecting the Right Developer/Designer to Build Your Website

WordPress is NOT a Do-It-Yourself platform. We are not referring to the generic blogger website when we say that. Sure, almost anyone can get one of the free templates off of WordPress, pop in an image or two and start blogging away. But we are talking about professionally designed business websites that are created to generate customers and income. These sites usually have specific purposes such as selling products in a shopping cart, signing up memberships, lead generation, corporate identity and a whole host of other functions. All kinds of businesses need a functional site like this, whether it be for the small mom and pop business or for very large corporations and big brands. In fact, many of the most visited and popular websites today are built with the WordPress platform.  Because of these factors, it’s very important that the web design services that are developing the website have a vast knowledge of WordPress, the different themes, page builders, tricks, the do’s and don’ts, plugins, management and maintenance and all of the little nuances that WordPress presents. It takes years of regularly working on WordPress websites to master these things. In the end you might have to pay a little more for this experience and knowledge but you will save a ton of time, grief and money in the long wrong.  Cheaper is not better.

  1. Don’t Choose a Theme for its Design

When you go to a place like Themeforest and you are searching through hundreds and thousands of different themes, it’s very easy to get caught up in the appearance of the theme and not think about much else.  It’s a dangerous gamble to take and we suggest changing your thought process when reviewing themes. You are presented with a design created by the developer to show off the theme.  The actual design itself really means very little, because the truth is you can probably get the same overall design with almost any theme.  What they display is just an example, a possibility of how your site could look. Themes are not templates like many people think. Buyers get a real shock when they install the theme and what they get is nothing like what they saw on Themeforest. This is because developers create complex and intricate designs to sell their product. That’s why we suggest looking at the functions instead of looking at the design. When you click on menu items, ask yourself a few questions. How does it transition from page to page? Is the site smooth when I scroll or is it a little jerky?  Does it seem to load very fast?  You should be thinking technically rather than artistically. You can always modify the way the website looks with the theme you select, but you won’t be able to change or fix the performance issues it may have.  A good firm with web design services will be able to help you make these decisions and give you good insight.


WordPress themes are complex and finding the perfect one will take a bit of effort. G4 Design House is a firm for website development services San Diego that specializes in building affordable, user-friendly websites. The experts on their team have years of experience using WordPress and build amazing websites for their clients. Not only can they build the sites, but they can also support your site in the future to assure nothing goes wrong. This will save you time, effort and stress with troubleshooting.