SHORE VASCULAR & VEIN CENTER is the premiere center in the region of Somers Point New Jersey for the treatment of vein and vascular disease.


They came to us looking for a new website and marketing ideas to help them stand out from other similar treatment centers.


We completely redesigned their website and fixed a major coding issue on the old site that was hindering them from receiving organic traffic. We created a CPC marketing and SEO campaign and in addition created content to support both these campaigns.



Generated over 20 vein surgical terms to 1st position, page 1 google

GEO-targeted – in addition to lifting county where practice located (Atlantic County, NJ) expanded page 1 google to for practice to be picked up in 4 surrounding New Jersey Counties tripling organic traffic.

Secured surgical practice as “authority” with Google. This allowed us to expand entire new division of practice (tattoo removal) to page 1 google in as little as 30 days with all terms for 5 county area on page 1 Google in 90 days

Note: Client started with ZERO recognition

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