Website hosting that includes WordPress management, SSL security and content changes.

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We provide all-inclusive hosting services to make things nice and simple.

We specialize in WordPress and non-cms website management!

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"We will take care of your website, including security and even content changes."

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We have you covered for all your website needs

  • We will migrate your website to our servers and test it to make sure its working properly before we ever change the DNS so you have peace of mind.
  • We will optimize your website and plugins to help improve any performance issues that we can.
  • We will make sure your website is secure using the best security tools and we always include FREE SSL with every plan.
  • We will provide you any training or insight on how to manage your website and content if you need it.
  • We will provide up to one hour of free content changes every month if you need it. Perfect for changing text or swapping out images.
  • We we will provide you our best rate guarantee for any services like graphic design, logos, business cards, etc.

Our servers are managed by one of the most trusted, in one of the largest and most trusted data centers in the U.S.

We understand first hand that your website is a large extension of your business. It's crucial that it runs smoothly with as few interruptions as possible. Our server providers are among the best in making sure that happens with a guaranteed up-time of over 99.9999%.

Here Are Some FAQ's We Get A Lot:

How long have you worked with WordPress?

As a company we have been working with WordPress for just over 8 years. Collectively our team has over 25 years of experience specifically working in WordPress and over 40 Years working in web development.

What's the difference between G4 and the popular hosting companies?

The popular hosting companies are just that, hosting companies. This limits them to basically a storage platform. Whereas G4 is a web design company that also hosts websites. Almost all hosting companies do not manage the website itself, so when it comes to things like updating plugins, WordPress or the theme, you are on your own. You will end up having to find and pay a third-party company to perform these services for you and that can be very expensive to do every month. With us, we are all-inclusive so we will not only host the site, we manage everything for you. In addition to all the site maintenance, we give you free SSL security, optimize your sites performance and we even provide content editing for you up to an hour per month for free!

Will my website be down during this process?

No. When we transfer the site onto our servers we are only using a copy of the site. Once the site is up on the server and we test it to make sure everything is working properly, we will then help you change the DNS for the domain, which will make the site on our servers the live one. The site will be up the entire time. We will help you with the process to make sure its done properly.

So what do we not do?

We don’t manage emails or domains. We do have lots experience with both so we will answer any questions you have and assist you in anyway we can with those two topics. We will provide assistance with updating your domains DNS to point to our servers to complete the migration once we have tested your site and confirm everything is as it should be.

What's the difference between your services and other web design agencies?

It’s a good question! G4 Design House is not a traditional design agency. We were founded on a service first principal. While many design agencies develop web projects, pass the assets off to their clients, and move on, G4 continues providing service to our clients after the development of their project because we take on the hosting and management responsibilities. Although it is not required to stay with us after development, 99% of our clients stick with us because we provide an all-inclusive service that includes hosting, website management, security and repair, as well as content edits. It’s far more convenient to have all of the services you need to be managed by one company rather that outsource each item to a different resource. We will be that company for you.

What will you need from me to get started?

There are two common ways to do this. You can provide us the website backup files. These are typically provided to you by the current host. There are usually two files, one for the Database and one for the Home Directory. Other than that, we will only need for you to create us an admin login for the website itself (for WordPress sites only).That’s it. If for any reason the current host is not able or willing to provide this assistance, we can also use a migration plugin from with the site itself to transfer it to our servers. Please note that if you are attempting to break a legally binding contract with another host, we will not migrate the site and will only accept files from the host.

What kind of servers do you offer? Where are they located?

Our main servers are high capacity shared environments, which means that a single sever can house several websites. However, each website has its own account and even its own specifications when it comes to memory, PHP levels, cache, etc. Because of this your website is more protected against nefarious attacks. Our servers are located and managed in a large data center in Chicago, IL..

We offer our clients the ability to sign up for Virtual Private Servers (VPS), which gives additional security as its no longer on a shared server, but your very own virtual server. There is a small, additional monthly cost for this type of server. Ask us about it.

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