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Tips to Creating the Best Logo for your New Business



For most design agencies, creating a business logo is a separate part of the web design services they offer. After all, a website is better with a logo whether for business or personal use.



Why it’s so Important?

Designed to be the face of a company, a logo will make it easier to communicate visually what your business is about. It represents the unique identity of a brand.


An effective logo design is:

  • Easily recognizable
  • Inspires trust, loyalty, and admiration
  • Implies distinction and superiority


Most importantly, it identifies with the company but does not sell directly to the target market.


Many startups struggle to develop their brand, much less design a logo. In this article, you will learn what makes a logo effective and impactful.



How to Create an Effective Logo for a Startup


Design something Unique and Distinct

Startups often struggle to stand out, especially in a market saturated with the same business idea. One way to distinguish yourself from your competition is to create a logo that is uniquely your own.


Choose a design that is as authentic as possible. This eliminates the risk of your brand being confused for another company. Think about what makes your business truly different from everyone else and draw design inspiration from there.



Make it Versatile

In a sense that, when placed on a storefront or a letterhead, it will remain readable and professional. This is especially vital for logos with several texts.


It is important that when shrunk or enlarged, the design is not distorted or becomes pixelated.


You should also choose colors that would go well with any background.



Aim for a Simple Design

It may be hard to stand out if you take a more minimalist approach to logo design, but a complex one could lead to confusion and clutter. It’s even worse when the design ends up being inappropriate. Just take a look at the logos of Kudawara Pharmacy and the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission.


Take inspiration from some of the best and simple logos such as IBM, BMW, Nike, Amazon, and Apple.



Use Custom Lettering

What better way to be different and unique than to use a custom type? This is also one way for a logo to have that authentic feel.


When other startups use an image and font that can be readily found online, set yourself apart with custom lettering. Doing so also shows customers that you put in a little more effort in creating your logo.


Speak to a firm offering custom logo and web design services that can create a unique brand identity for you.



Use the Appropriate Colors

Every shade in the color palette has different meanings and emotions attached to it. Red, for instance, denotes urgency, which is why it’s often used by fast-food restaurants.


Blue, on the other hand, has a calming effect on viewers and expresses positive emotions. Why do you think Facebook and other social networks use it? It also conveys success and confidence.


While Grey is often associated with a cold feeling, designers consider it as a color that is modest yet denotes authority.


Now that you have the tools, use them to create a logo that will effectively represent your startup.




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