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SEO vs. PPC: Which Is the Best for Your Business Website San Diego?



When it comes to running and marketing a business website San Diego, you often hear two terms: SEO and PPC. But the question is, what exactly is the best for your website? Let’s find out.



Search engine optimization has been used by business websites in San Diego for as long as we can remember simply because it brings you one very important thing: organic traffic. In July 2021, Google rolled out a new update that affected a lot of website rankings.


So, what are the benefits of using SEO for your website?

You get more visibility

  • With millions of websites on the Internet, increasing traffic is difficult without SEO. By improving organic traffic, you’ll have more visibility online and you can even build your credibility around the search terms that consumers often use.

You get to rank higher

  • If you want more traffic and more business, you’ll need to rank higher on search engines to be noticed by potential customers.

You get a better cost per click

  • Sure,  building a solid foundation for your website using SEO takes time. But achieving that also means getting more value per click since you’re not directly paying for these impressions.

You get a good ROI

  • Organic search traffic is free, but it can give you good returns with proper website optimization.



If SEO covers the bigger picture, pay-per-click advertising is focused on increasing your visibility further by targeting a specific category of consumers that would potentially buy your products.

Here are some of its benefits:

You get better positioning with your ads

  • Unlike traditional advertising, you have better control of your PPC ads since you can customize them according to your specific business needs. You can focus on location, calls, and pricing to ensure that your ads are reaching the right consumers.

You get more visibility on search results

  • If you notice, paid search is usually located above the fold. This is even three to four levels higher than the first result on organic search. So, if you’re looking for more visibility, PPC can deliver since you have that top position, which will likely get you noticed first.

You get to improve brand awareness

  • Paid search advertisements give you more opportunities to not only get noticed but also get recognized by loyal customers. This way, it wouldn’t be too hard for you to build your credibility online.

You get to control and maximize your budget

  • Of course, there’s the added benefit of being able to control your budget when you’re doing PPC. This is because you can easily determine how much you’re willing to spend on paid ads in a day, so you don’t overspend.


At the end of the day, choosing between SEO and PPC is really a matter of knowing what your current needs are. Evaluate your marketing campaign first and see how SEO or PPC could add value to it.


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