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The Year to Switch to WordPress Management is 2021: Here’s Why

WordPress is not just a buzzword. The Content Management System runs 39% of the entire Internet where it takes 60% of the global CMS market share. Most big-time websites—TED, New York Post, CNN,, Spotify, NBC, and USA Today—also use WordPress.


So, if you have not switched to WordPress management yet, here are some reasons to take the plunge this year:


You get access to best security practices.


There’s good reason most big-ticket websites use WordPress, and that is partly because of its built-in security enhancements. With WordPress management, you can guarantee the best security practices in the business, from two-factor authentication to built-in security plugins.


Although no website is completely safe from hacks, WordPress helps you avoid any breaches with the right preventive measures.


You can rely on the experts.


Most web hosts will offer you 24/7 technical support, and with WordPress management support is handled even more efficiently. With this type of provider, you can guarantee that you are getting support from people who really understand the WordPress language. This helps you figure out issues quickly and address them before they hurt your business.


Because you’re talking about a single CMS, you know that the technical team behind it knows exactly how to run your website efficiently and take care of issues in the most efficient way possible.

You get access to local environments and staging areas.


If you do not know it yet, there’s a rule that you should never edit your website while it’s live. From accidentally deleting elements to causing the website to crash, you should always make changes in a local environment and have it tested to a staging site so you can see the changes before it goes intro production and eventually, live.


WordPress management allows you to test your website in a local environment so you can follow the ideal development workflow.


You can save time and money.


Building a website is an investment, so you should put your money where you can get the best benefits. With WordPress management, you can rest assure that your website follows the best practices and you have all the features needed to make it fully functional without breaking the bank. You also save time in building and running your website since you have experts to help you out.


There is no doubt that WordPress will continue to be one of the best platforms for building websites in the next few years. So, if you have not done it yet, 2021 is the perfect year for you to switch to WordPress management.


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