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Types of Jobs that Work with WordPress Management

WordPress is still the most used content management system (CMS) in the world. More than 180 million websites use the platform as of this year for its excellent features, scalability, and convenience.


What is WordPress management?

WordPress is an open-source content management system that allows you to build a website to be used for different purposes. As a business, you can use WordPress to create the perfect website.


Although WordPress is user-friendly, it’s still recommended that you hire professionals. WordPress professionals can ensure that the website runs efficiently and takes advantage of all the features offered by WordPress.


What are the Careers of WordPress management?

Since WordPress management covers different areas, here are some of the most common careers associated with this field:


WordPress Maintenance.

  • This job is crucial since you have the responsibility of maintaining a WordPress website. You work on implementing updates, doing security patches, addressing issues, and following best practices.


WordPress Designer.

  • As a designer, you will be responsible for putting a website together design-wise. This includes laying out all the pages, choosing the colors, and deciding on the look and feel of a website so that it represents the brand well.

Although there are different pre-made themes on WordPress, designing one from scratch will separate a business from the rest. You can put together elements that really speak about a brand and the message that it wants to send to customers.


WordPress Developer.

  • Being a WordPress developer, you play a key role in the construction of a website. Specifically in putting its functionalities together. You can work on the front and back end ensuring that all its features work and any glitches are fixed before affecting user experience.


WordPress Technical Support.

  • A technical support team is essential in increasing a website’s uptime and making sure that customers get the best experience every time they visit the website.


As technical support, you will address functionality issues, answer queries from website owners and users, implement updates, and report any bugs. You can also suggest new features and upgrades to make a website more updated.

WordPress management is a huge umbrella that covers different areas. This also means that there are different career opportunities within this field.

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