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The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development from a Business Website Designer | San Diego


Have you ever wondered about the difference between web design and web development? If you’re building a website, you’ll encounter these terms a lot. So, it’s important to understand them from the perspective of a business website designer San Diego:


Web design

From the title itself, web design is the method of putting the physical aspects of a website together. A web designer makes a website look good by creating the best layout and design to match a business’ brand. Therefore, designers are required to have technical, graphic, and creative skills to be successful at what they do.


Web development

If web design focuses on a website’s visual appearance, web development is all about its functionality. After the website’s design is complete, the web developer turns that design into a fully functional website. This is done using coding languages like JavaScript, HTML, Python, and PHP.

This person makes sure that every website element will work properly. Factors like navigability and usability give users the best experience possible.

A web developer also needs to test the website before it goes live and fixes any bugs. They also handle post-launch services and support to ensure that the website sees 100% uptime.


The difference

Both web design and web development play crucial roles in building a website successfully. In fact, one can’t exist without the other. Without good design, a website won’t be noticed and it needs to be fully functional to serve its purpose.

These two roles are comparable to a construction project where the architect creates the design, and the engineer implements that design and makes it functional.

The biggest difference between the two is that web design is more focused on the aesthetic part of the website while web development is more focused on its functionality.

Whether it’s web design or web development, these jobs need professionals with a specific set of skills and experience to get the job done fast and efficiently. This will also depend on the needs of a website since it can differ based on the needs of a client.


Work with a business website designer San Diego

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