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WordPress Hosting: What You Need to Know



With a 60.8% CMS market share, there’s no denying that WordPress is the most powerful content management tool in the world today. It is, in fact, the preferred website of some of the world’s top websites because of its flexibility, efficiency and high quality features.


But every great WordPress website also needs good WordPress hosting to make it more efficient, fast, and secure.


Here’s everything you need to know:


What is WordPress hosting?


A WordPress host is essentially hosting that’s specifically designed and optimized for use in WordPress websites. While you can easily find a generic host, choosing a WordPress host will give you an edge over the competition because it allows you to maximize the potential of your website, especially when it comes to performance.


What are your options?


WordPress hosting offers an environment that’s designed specifically for your WordPress website and here are some of the most common options you have depending on your needs:



This is the most pocket-friendly option for WordPress hosting, but it still packs a punch as compared to your traditional shared host.


Although you’ll be sharing resources with other websites, you can guarantee that it will fit the requirements of your website and that you can take advantage of extra features like plugins, themes and automatic updates.



If you do not have an in-house team to take care of your website, this is your best bet because you’ll have people to manage your website.


You’re also going to be hosted on a dedicated server. This means faster speeds, up-to-date systems, efficient uptime, increased security, and a dedicated technical support team. Managed WordPress hosting is the perfect combination between price and quality because it’s not too expensive yet it gives you excellent features for your website.


What are the benefits?


WordPress hosting guarantees that you will enjoy these amazing benefits, whether you go for shared or managed hosting:


Updated software

Your website needs regular updates. You may forget to check these updates and implement them on time. With a WordPress host, updates are automatic, keeping your website efficient and secure.


Incredible speeds

No amount of website design will make your website shine without excellent loading speeds. With a WordPress host, you can guarantee that your visitors will get the same excellent user experience every time.


Although shared hosting can already give you excellent speeds, managed hosting is the best environment for a fast-loading website.


Finally, there’s always the matter of security. Many website owners fail to prioritize safety until it’s too late. But with WordPress hosting, you can guarantee protection from both general threats and WordPress-specific ones.


WordPress is the most commonly hacked CMS in the world. So, you can’t take any chances with a general host that offers broad security features. A WordPress host will cover every aspect of your website, making sure you don’t suffer the consequences of an attack.

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