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Horror stories about cheap website design hurting businesses are about as predominant as stories about ghosts and goblins around Halloween, we know. But just like Casper was a friendly ghost, cheap web designers can actually be super beneficial.

The obvious benefit of using a cheap web designer is that you save money. Some may argue that saving money initially isn’t worth it in the long run if the results are well below par. To put those fears aside though, there are a few reasons you shouldn’t be so afraid of choosing cheap.

Rest assured, regardless of price, creating a website is professional work. There are certain basic things that go into website design that designers know to cover. Going beyond making a site look “pretty” with a great color palette and layout, most sites will include social media sharing capabilities, security features, web-analytics, and SEO implementations.

Choosing a site designer isn’t a blind grab-bag kind of deal. You can check the company out, poke around their website and see their work. Chances are they designed their own site and will include a list of clients they’ve worked with and a portfolio of other projects they’ve completed. You’ll know what you’re getting into and what to expect.

Finally, it’s your website they’re creating. Yes, trusting someone else with your company’s brand and image requires a little faith, but there are several things you can do to make sure your vision is realized. Being detailed in your expectations up front, asking questions beforehand and being honest when they ask for your approval will make the process a lot smoother.

The point is, the lower cost of a “cheap” web designer shouldn’t deter you from working with them. Plus, some companies, like G4 Design House, have a record for putting out high-quality work all while offering affordable payment plans and a no-risk guarantee. More than likely, you’ll be very pleased with your final results and even happier about the money you saved.