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Now open for business, the website for Lotus for Dr. K is polished and sophisticated, which lets the skincare device really shine. In mimicking the cleansing power of the product, we designed the site with bright, fresh colors including shades of pink and teal to appeal to the company’s target audience of women aged 16-65.

The site is also e-commerce enabled, with a prominent shopping cart icon and simple check out process, making it easy for customers to complete their transactions in purchasing the product. Customers are able to see shopping cart totals from anywhere on the site when the hover over the cart icon – an added feature of the icon.

Although the priority of the site is to function as an online retailer, the site also serves an informative function, providing potential and current customers with tons of information about the advanced skincare technology and how it differs from other products on the market. We kept the content on the index page to just a general “about;” other pages with additional details were linked to images or listed in the menu at the top of the page. Again, this helped the site looking refined and clean, and also kept the focus on promoting the product.


Besides including prominent social media icons in the footer, we also included live feeds to their Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter feeds on the index page. This helps the company connect with its customers, creating brand loyalty and potentially reaching even more customers.

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