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How to Grow your Mailing List with WordPress Plugin Features


There are a plethora of email list plugins to use in the WordPress repository with great features for your website. Many have the same features like an opt-in form, but just having a feature like this isn’t enough to grow your website and email list. If you want a robust list building solution, Thrive Leads is the best solution. Not only is it equipped with a ton of useful features, but it’s built with optimization for conversions in mind. Here are some of the notable features that are essential in list building that Thrive provides:


Advanced Targeting


This lets you target a very specific audience which ultimately makes your list highly relevant and thus creates higher conversions. There is no need to send the same generic email to all your subscribers when you have a precise breakdown of your target audience. With the power of targeting you know exactly what your audience is interested in. This targeting feature in Thrive Leads, allows you to create unique opt-in offers that are consistent with the content that your website visitor is reading. It will consistently show the right offer to the right visitor allowing for a better rate of conversions. You are also able to segment your email lists based on your visitors interest.


Pop-Up Light Box


Not only is the Pop-up Light Box for email capture a great feature, but it also looks great! The pop-up opt-in form is highly customizable so you can brand it to your web design. Thrive provides an intuitive dashboard editor that is easy to use and makes it even easier to recreate your website design. This feature is also responsive on both mobile and desktop. You can set up the pop-up in Thrive to systematically show up with a website visitor takes a certain action on your webpage. This is great for 2 reasons. You won’t have to send them to another page to opt-in, and this feature works more like a small ask instead of begging for your visitors emails.


Sticky Ribbon


The Sticky Ribbon feature is a great way to optimize the space on your website. Instead of cluttering your website with opt-in forms, Thrive provides you with an alternative in the form of a static ribbon. You can continually show the opt-in ribbon at a bar in the top or the bottom of your website. You can also customize this to your website design without covering up any content. Just like the other opt-in forms, this feature is both mobile and desktop responsive. You also have the choice of targeting the message in the ribbon based on the page your user is currently on.


Content Locking


Locking certain content on your webpage is also a great way to list build. You can strategically lock away text, images, multimedia, or entire pieces of content and have your audience enter their email to be able to unlock it. This is a great list building strategy for any website. It is also a strategy that requires creating the quality content that your audience wants.


A/B Testing


With the A/B Testing feature, you can provide your audience with different form types, triggers, design, or offers. When your audience interacts with your website, Thrive will capture the metrics on your A/B test and provide you the necessary data to make your opt-in forms better. This conversion-boosting testing tool can also automatically monitor performance and will choose to show the one that is performing better.



Growing your email list doesn’t have to be so hard and with the variety of WordPress plugins available it is even easier to get started. But if you want to create landing pages that can lead to a higher rate of conversions I suggest you follow the list building strategies we have covered.