Marketing & SEOsocial-medias-inpact-on-social-saituations

For many business owners, the whole concept of SEO (search engine optimization) is oftentimes a little tricky to fully understand, but the concept of social media, on the other hand, is one that most of us encounter daily.  In today’s digital age, SEO simply cannot thrive without social media.

The goal of any SEO effort is to increase a website’s ranking among search engine results in order to increase online traffic to that website. Major search engines rely on different algorithms to determine which results to deliver when someone types in a particular search term. Since social media is essentially a real-time indicator of things people like, dislike – or deem relevant enough to discuss among peers – it comes as no surprise that major search engines like Google factor things like social media into their algorithms.

When managed properly, a social media channel can be one of the best marketing tools a business can have.  Social media provides a platform for businesses to post content, and the more content a business produces and the more it gets shared, the better its chances of getting picked up by search engines. There are of course plenty of other factors that come into play, but with the right team in your corner, there’s no need to tackle them all on your own.

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