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Ever notice the “Not Secure”  warning to the left of your domain inside the URL bar at the top of the browser? A recent Google Chrome update started flagging websites that gather information from visitors but don’t have a basic security feature called SSL Certification. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and this is what makes the connection from the website to its server secure. Meaning, if you enter your information onto a form on a secure website, your data cannot be seen or accessed by anyone other than you and the site you’re sending your information to. A binding connection from server to website is instantly created while your data is encrypted and safely being transferred.

How can you tell? A website is secure if it has a valid SSL certificate.  You can tell if a website has SSL if…

  1. The URL can be a giveaway. A secure website will say https:// instead of http://
  2. On Chrome, the URL bar will say “Secure” and have a padlock.

The benefits of having an SSL is that you will be securing your site for your audience, protecting them and yourself from any data hacking attempts. Another reason to have an SSL is that the new Google search ranking algorithm actually factors in SSL and flags non-secure sites. The new release of Chrome now shows a non-secure warning in the URL browser when you are at a site that contains a content form without an SSL certificate. This is a big red flag (literally) to your site visitors who will be turned off and not want to provide their personal information. Many website owners are adding SSL certificates to their sites even when they do not have forms that capture user information because of this. Some SEO companies say that Google will rank a site with SSL a bit higher than they would if it did not have it.

The questions you’re asking yourself now is, where do I go to get an SSL certificate and how do I add it to my website? Well, SSL certs are sold all over the web , typically at registrars like GoDaddy or and also at any web host service such as Bluehost or Siteground. Unfortunately in most cases, adding SSL to your website is not an easy process and if you are not an IT expert and do not have the access to certain things like a C-Panel account for your site, it’s going to be pretty much impossible for you to do it yourself.  SSL Certification also costs you annually anywhere from $30 to $300 depending on the type you get. It’s unlikely you will know and very likely the service will try and upsell you to their most expensive ones.  Even if you don’t need it.

The good news is that G4 Design House provides FREE SSL certificates for all of their clients hosting on our servers.  Whether you are an eCommerce site that requires SSL on its checkout pages or you just want your site secure for improved SEO, we will set it up for you. It is hassle-free,  automatically created with your website, and at no extra cost. Get the added benefit of protecting and authenticating your business for free with the creation of a quality custom website.