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Outlining the Scope of Work with your Web Designer



Despite the growing number of platforms where you can make your own website for free, you’re still much better off working with a professional for a business website.


We are a San Diego web designer that knows the intricacies of web design and the features that make them appropriate for your target audience.


If you were to build a site yourself are you certain you’re hitting these few important areas:

  • The right fonts, colors, and contrasts to choose?
  • The difference between mobile, and responsive design?
  • The right color scheme for the foreground and the background?
  • The different elements in a navigation menu for improved user experience?


Given these considerations and more, it is best to hire a San Diego web designer when you want to establish your online presence. To avoid going over the budget or costing a lot of time, it is crucial to establish the scope of work.


Where does one job start?


Where does another part begin?


Which tasks are included in a project?



Establishing a Small Business Website’s Scope of Work




This is the part where you and your project manager determine the purpose of your website, the answer of which will dictate how it should be designed.


For instance, you may want to create a blog to share your views and experiences. Since the purpose is pretty straightforward, you can use an existing template for the design.


However, when you want to generate leads, make a sale, and establish customer trust, you need to take into account a variety of factors that an existing template may not accommodate. In this case, you need a custom design that is unique to your business. This is where a skilled and experienced San Diego web designer comes in handy.


Take note that a website made using a template is much cheaper and less labor-intensive than customized web design. Also, most templates can be customized so a template can provide a very solid foundation on which to build your business website.




Beyond what you see on a website are other functionalities that can be added on the backend if you so desire. Using content update software, developer or open-source CMS, or a commercial CMS, for example, you can update and manage your website in-house.


You also need to think about whether the majority of your users are on mobile. If so, you and your project manager must also focus on creating a user experience that is designed around mobile responsiveness.


As for visual effects and animations, there are several tools that can be used. But only a few can add visual appeal without slowing down page load speed.


Suffice it to say that knowing what you want from a website will surely help a San Diego web designer determine the amount of work required and the equivalent time and money it will cost.




Do you need social networking tools?


Do you want to build an email list through newsletter subscription?


Do you want to integrate videos, online demos, or How-Tos on your website?


Do you need a client database or members directory added?


Your website can have several features to improve user experience and for better data collection. It’s important to pinpoint the purpose of your website to identify which feature should be added to maximize functionality.


Get a good grasp of the development, design, and features of a website and you’ll get an idea of the scope of a project that suits your budget and needs. Contact G4 Design House today for a free consultation!




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