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The Four Essential Rules to Choosing the Right Web Host


A good web host forms the foundation of your website and it could also dictate its success or failure. All-inclusive web hosting means that you’ll have a space on the web to store your website files, so when someone searches for your domain, they’ll be directed to your website right away.

So if you’re still new in this arena, here are four essential rules to help you choose the right web hosting service:


List your needs

There are no one-size-fits-all rules in choosing the best web host because you have different needs from others. So before you start shopping for options, try to ask yourself these questions and come up with a list of needs that should be covered by your web host:

  • What is the type of website that you’re hosting?
  • Are you going to host one or multiple websites?
  • What are the technical requirements for your website?
  • Are you looking to add extra features?
  • What is your monthly hosting budget?


Learn about your non-negotiables

 No matter how big or small your budget is, your web host should be able to provide all these key features:

  • The right amount of bandwidth and storage that you need for your website’s files
  • The number of domains and subdomains that you can register under the web hosting service
  • The web applications that you can install on your website
  • The database and tech support that can get from your provider
  • The automated backups available for your website where you can easily save files in case of technical problems


Look for speed and reliability

Your website needs to be up and running all the time if possible. But while no host can guarantee 100% uptime, there are companies that are credible enough to guarantee up to 99.5% reliability. Any company with a record of less than 99% uptime should be avoided because even just a few minutes of downtime in a day can already cost you your customers and revenues.

Page speed is another important feature that you should look into. While you may not think about this factor when you’re just starting out, bear in mind that the slower your pages load in heavy traffic, the lower your revenues will be.

In fact, research shows that even a one-second delay in page speed can already hurt your customer satisfaction by 16%.


Invest in security features

You can’t compromise your customers’ security by choosing a web host that doesn’t provide robust security features.

Any all-inclusive hosting should cover security, especially if you’re running an e-commerce website where you have to store important data like your customers’ credit card numbers.

A reliable web host should be able to run firewalls or include malware detection in its service. Your provider should also be able to monitor servers for suspicious activities and address them right away.

Although there’s a lot that you have to consider when choosing a web host, it’s definitely worth your effort knowing that your website is not only efficient but also safe.


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