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Website Development: The Trends That Will Dominate in 2019


Just like fashion, website development also has trends that, when implemented, make a website more appealing to online users.


So, if you’re thinking to have a website built or revamped, take note of the 2019 website development trends.



Switch to Adaptability

Responsive websites have made it possible for online users to access the web through multiple mobile devices in varied screen sizes. But the new trend is all about websites being adaptive.


Instead of a website adapting to screen sizes, they now adapt by generating templates that are unique and optimized for each type of device.


How does it work exactly?


An adaptive design first detects the screen size of a device and then loads the appropriate static layout. This means a web designer must create a layout for each of the 6 common screen widths—320, 480, 760, 960, 1200, and 1600.


This may seem a lot of work but it resolves the display and performance issues of a responsive design due to improper or lack of use of media queries.


Adaptive design is especially useful when retrofitting or improving an existing site to make it more mobile friendly.



Adoption of SPA Architecture

As the name suggests, single page applications or SPAs are websites or web apps that load a single page in HTML. SPAs interact with the user and dynamically update the page with every user-app interaction.


Because they’re easier to navigate and load much faster, many web users prefer to use such websites. So, if you want to attract more users, consider adopting a SPA architecture.



More Interactive Graphics

The attention span of the average internet user is quickly diminishing. And one way to keep them glued to a website is with the use of simple yet interactive and captivating graphics.


The more captivating the graphics are the more likely that an online user will stay and browse the website for longer. This means intuitive motion UI will become more popular in 2019.



Use of more Visually-Enriched Designs

This is another way to integrate animation, images, and shapes in website design. Just like motion UI, the use of more engaging graphics on a website will be a growing trend of website development in 2019.


Instead of text content, websites will use graphic content.



AI will take a more Central Role

More companies are thinking of implementing strategies for digital transformation, where artificial intelligence is one of the core components. It is predicted that AI technology will enhance customer satisfaction and productivity.


With this in mind, you should consider integrating AI with your own website.



Use of Low-Code Development Platforms

What better way to develop and deploy website development faster than to eliminate the need for proficient coding expertise?


Low-code developments enable a website developer to create websites fast and at a more affordable rate while ensuring enhanced customer experience, improved operational efficiency, and a smart and innovative development process.



There are other website development trends that will dominate in 2019. To maximize their impact on your target audience, consult with website developers on how you can implement these trends on your own space in the virtual marketplace.




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