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Why Choosing WordPress Hosting over Self Hosting is the Way To Go For All Small Businesses


You might be wondering why WordPress hosting is the ideal choice for small businesses. In fact, a lot of people would agree that using WordPress hosting as the basis for an eCommerce website is the best decision.


Understanding WordPress hosting


WordPress come in 2 varieties, namely and offers a combo service for bloggers for hosting WordPress blogs. This provides a free plan allowing you to have a running blog for as long as you like.


On the other hand, you can download and install one from for free. The downside is that this is a self-hosted variant. Therefore, it is required for you to choose a server, domain name, and pay periodically to keep your WordPress site hosted.


Benefits of shared hosting


  • Predictable server usage – This means that your provider allocates the resources better and resolve technical issues a lot quicker.
  • WordPress-specific server configuration – This will ensure that your server will be tweaked for optimal performance and faster page loading times.
  • Improved security – The provider will give more attention to threats that are WordPress-specific
  • Ease of setup – It provides easy hookups for tools like SSL certificates or content delivery networks using pre-configured settings.
  • Beginner-friendly – Offers pre-installed WordPress software, automatic updates, and expert customer support, as well as free themes.


Disadvantage of shared hosting


When it comes to shared hosting service, many people get attracted to it due to the lower price point. However, this comes at a price because when you opt for a shared host, it is actually on a shared server with others.


Therefore, they compete for resources, wherein you can see performance and security issues because building a different website on the same server will eventually experience traffic spike or hacking issues.


Managed WordPress hosting


You need to understand that servers make your Web business run. With a good hosting provider, you will be able to eliminate the downtime, which leads to the loss in revenue and eventually loss of customers. Thus, it is important that you know the difference between a self-hosting service and managed WordPress hosting service.


In this case, a managed WordPress hosting utilizes servers that are tuned to work with the platform. Thus, it can offer faster, more secure, and greater features in comparison to shared hosting and virtual private server hosting.


Benefits of managed WordPress hosting


  • Get support from WordPress experts
  • Offers the best WordPress security practices
  • Faster websites and better performance
  • One-click staging sites and local environments
  • Offers features that go beyond server setups
  • Easy to add SSL certificates
  • Provides ability to re-sell hosting
  • Offers easy website management
  • Offers quick access to development tools
  • It is no longer required to use too many plugins
  • They focus on hosting, while you focus on your business


Overall, the use of managed WordPress hosting will completely devoid you of problems involved in shared resources. Moreover, you will get more benefits that a WordPress exclusive provider can get.


So, if people start with shared hosting, they will eventually upgrade to a managed WordPress after they are ready to offload the stress.


WordPress hosting is a more tactical choice. You can ask G4 for more details on how you can benefit from WordPress hosting to manage small business websites like yours and finally save more time and money in the long run. Click here to get in contact with us!

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