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Affordable Website Design for Small Business



While there are many platforms on social media that can give you exposure, it still helps to have a website where clients – potential and existing – can find more information. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter may provide their services for free but there are still some things that a website is better at.



Things a Website Can Do Better

Sure, a search for your company’s name on Google will likely turn up your website and Facebook page. There’s also a very good chance that users will prefer the latter when searching for information. However, that isn’t enough reason to give up on websites completely.


Here are some reasons it still makes sense for you to have a site:


  • Provide expertise. Yes, you can hand out valuable information on your Facebook or Twitter but what if a user wants to read back that information? Do they have to scroll through a multitude of posts before getting to what they actually need? Yes, they can use the platform’s own search function but what if you used a different set of keywords? With a site, you can simply create a blog post and link to whatever else you referred. In short, it is easier to access information on a site than it is on social media platforms. On top of that, you can get much more in-depth with the information you provide on your website than on your social media pages.


  • Undivided attention. A user who is on your website has far fewer distractions compared to using Facebook with all the buttons to explore.


  • Provide a customized brand experience. A Facebook page can be customized only to a certain extent. A website can be custom-made to reflect you. Knowing what makes you different from the competition is important and a custom website can provide just that.


  • Capture leads. With a website, you can create a page or a button asking viewers to subscribe to a company newsletter. Having a client’s – potential or current – email address allows you to send them material directly. Trying to send them a message through a Facebook timeline is like throwing a Hail Mary pass in the hopes a receiver catches it. A website makes that a certainty.


We can help you achieve all this while also ensuring an affordable website design service. We believe that you deserve the best and don’t want that to cost you a fortune.



Custom Website Design

Your website is a way to showcase what your brand is all about. A potential client can take one look at your site and decide whether or not you’re worth the effort. In short, you have to design a site that speaks to your audience and invites them to have a look to see what you have to offer.



Affordable Services

Website design is a long process that involves a lot of collaboration and consideration. However, it’s one that shouldn’t cost you a fortune, especially for a small business. At G4 Design House we take pride in being able to offer an affordable website design package that can help small-scale businesses increase their online presence and reputation.



For affordable and professional website design services, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.




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