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Local Marketing Tips for Your Small Business Website



Running a small business on a tight budget often means making sacrifices in certain areas of your operation. No matter what you do, for many small business owners, marketing is something we often don’t have the time to do ourselves. But how else can you put your brand out there if you cut down on promotion and advertising campaigns?



Marketing on a Tight Budget?

A small business website is one of the best ways to accomplish several things without spending too much of your marketing budget. Here are a few different ways you can utilize that small business website:



Create a Blog

It’s one of the most effective ways to market in this digital age. If you think it’s expensive to hire a business website designer, think again. Between online and traditional advertising, the former is less expensive. Of course, the choice of which method to use will depend on where most of your target audience is.



Start a Newsletter

Combined with your blog, this will become an invaluable tool. By sending customers emails regularly, you not only establish a relationship but also disseminate information. Once you have a mailing list, it will be easier to send promotions and sales pitches.



Work with your Community

If you want major exposure for your brand, sponsor a charity walk or a Little League. Your community offers many opportunities to get exposure, so leverage it.



Craft a Compelling Elevator Pitch

With just about six to eight seconds to draw client attention, your pitch should not only draw attention but also compel them to close a sale with you.




Whether online or offline, partnering with businesses that complement yours will work to your advantage. Online, you can use reciprocal website links to increase exposure. Your business website designer can help ensure high-quality links are exchanged between websites.



Stay on Top of Networking

This is the best way to grow your business and increase brand awareness and recognition. To succeed, however, you need to invest time in getting out there, getting to know people and shaking hands. Although networking doesn’t provide instant gratification, it can be your greatest asset.



Ask for Customer Referrals

Word-of-mouth advertising remains the strongest form of marketing but not many businesses take the initiative. Failure to ask for them equates to missed opportunities. If you want to get new customers in the door, ask happy and satisfied clients for referrals.



Get People Talking about your Business

Social media is where you get to do this. Find out which social network most of your clients frequent and ask a business website designer to add widgets on your site that will make it easy for your clients and prospects to connect with you.



Generate Leads through Coupons

Who doesn’t want coupons? There’s even a craze going on about them, which is proof of its efficacy as a marketing tool. Research also shows that people go out of their way to find and use coupons to their advantage. So why not use them to increase your client base and generate more sales?



Follow these tips to market your small business and you can easily build a customer relationship without spending a lot. Through your website alone, you can spread the word through a blog or newsletter, connect through social media, cross-promote, and generate leads by offering coupons.



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