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5 Design Ideas for Your Small Business Website


Building a website is now non-negotiable if you’re a business owner. In fact, small business websites are becoming critical marketing tools that help companies gain better brand engagement, increase traction and improve sales in a manner that’s not too invasive or lenient.


There are several things that make up a good business website, but good web design has always been on top of the list. Now if you’re one of those small businesses looking into business websites for inspiration, here are five design ideas that might just fit your dream website:



  • If you’re an Agency


Being an agency means that a business website is needed that will really stand out from the crowd. From big prints to bold photographs where you can showcase your capabilities, the Breal template will fit right in with its simple yet visibly loud design.



  • If you’re an Events Organizer


As a business that promotes and organizes events, it’s all about getting the chance to showcase stunning images and make a statement with huge texts on your websites.


The Sonora template gives you just that with its straightforward layout where texts are displayed against a white background for clarity and their art gallery and full-page image pages where you can put photos from previous events you organized.



  • If you Run a Fitness Center


Everyone is all about getting fit these days, so you can really take advantage of people looking for a small business website featuring personal trainers, gyms and other fitness centers.


When it comes to choosing a design for this website, you have to think about striking images and well-written quotes that will motivate customers to join your classes.


It’s all about striking that emotion within them to finally start their fitness journey and the Heights template has all the elements to achieve that goal.



  • If you’re in the Construction Industry


When you’re in the construction or carpentry business, the last thing on your mind would probably be to choose a design for your website. With the Nueva template, you get a classic minimalist design that offers plenty of space for you to showcase your work and make room for customer testimonials.


Everything is also easily navigable, so you don’t have to worry about being familiar with your website because it’s user-friendly even for the most non-tech savvy entrepreneur.



  • If you’re a Service Provider


You could be a professional house cleaning company, an organizer or any other service provider. Whatever you offer, the Home Organiser template will be perfect for you.


It combines colors and white spaces for you to fill with content and images showcasing your services.


You can even incorporate a live booking form so your customers won’t have to go through hassles to book your services. It’s also a great call to action, which is excellent in converting leads.


Creating a good website doesn’t actually have to be complicated. Start by choosing the right template depending on your needs and work your way from there.


Of course, things would be easier if you have a reliable team of web designers and developers to put your visions into reality.


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