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Five Best SEO Practices in 2019


Search engine optimization is a constant evolution of trends aimed at helping websites dominate the SERPs and gain better exposure online. This year is no different as the battle for affordable web marketing has resulted in the five best SEO practices:


  1. Featured snippets


One of the most significant trends in SEO this year is the use of featured snippets that offer quick and convenient answers to common questions without the need to click a link. This is a huge hit for users who want fast and straightforward information.


In fact, featured snippets are so popular that content with featured snippets had double click-through rates, according to research from HubSpot.


  1. New trails


With the competition growing tougher every day, marketers are starting to explore lesser-crowded market spaces and pioneer them. This follows the popular marketing theory called “Blue Ocean Strategy” in affordable web marketing that teaches companies to seek out uncontested market spaces rather than fighting with the competition in more popular areas.


BuzzSumo and Google Trends are useful tools for this practice since it allows you to see what topics are less explored so you can pave the way for them.


  1. Topic clusters


This year is all about content for search engines, as they are re-structuring algorithms to favor content-driven websites. For website owners, the new SEO tool called topic clusters is becoming more significant, especially since both indexers and users are gaining more interest in how pages are related to each other.


Topic clusters allow you to re-structure your website where you can have “pillar” pages that will provide the primary source of information. Subtopics are then provided through a link to offer more relevant details that are related to the primary page.


  1. Zombie pages


Zombie pages are not new in affordable web marketing because they’ve been around for many years. But a lot of website owners still forget to get rid of outdated blog posts, duplicate content, old press releases, and un-indexed pages which goes against best SEO practices


While a few of these pages won’t really affect rankings, having hundreds of them can be detrimental to your optimization goals. Aside from expanding your sitemap, zombie pages affect your SEO because search engines could mark them as low-quality pages that don’t have any traffic or engagement.


If you don’t want to get rid of some content like old blog posts, you can repurpose them and add fresh details to make them look more relevant.


  1. Video


People consume video content now more than ever, so it’s only fitting to use it as a way to engage viewers, land conversions and rank better in SERPs. According to research, incorporating videos on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 80% through direct viewer engagement, trust, and better retention than other mediums.


The year may already be ending soon, but it’s still not too late to bring these strategies to life and make them part of your affordable web marketing campaign. You just need a reliable team that keeps the best SEO practices in mind.


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