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Small Businesses That Can Benefit Greatly from Custom Website Design



Are you wondering if you should take the DIY route or hire custom website design in San Diego?


Either way, you will have an online platform, but typically the rate of conversion is higher with custom website design.


You see, 94% of users who engage and potentially convert to a sale, do so based on first impressions of site design. When it comes to a positive association with the company, 95% of consumers feel more positive after reading custom content.


Clearly, you are at an advantage if you opt for custom website design in San Diego. However, there are specific businesses that benefit more from this than others.



Which businesses need a customized website?



Real estate agents

A website should accurately represent who an agent is and what sets them apart from their competitors. High-end realtors must have high-end websites.

Moreover, a realtor’s site is more impressive and functional with listing integrations like Nestio and IDX, and lots of social proof.



Doctors and dentists

To earn a client’s trust, a website for healthcare providers must have a bio and photos of the primary care provider and their staff. Patient testimonials can also make a huge difference.

The best website for a doctor’s office must be simple in design, easy to navigate, and comes with medical catalogs and a search feature.




Just like a doctor or dentist, electricians, plumbers, and other handymen can also benefit from a customized website, what with the need to provide as much professional information as possible.

Considering that they offer in-home services, customers are more likely to work with a handyman whom they trust based on the level of information a website provides.




When looking for service providers, more people search online than anywhere else. This makes a website very valuable for landscapers.

To attract a good number of customers, a great landscaping website must have:

  • List of services
  • Prices and pricing plan
  • Quick quotes
  • High-quality images

Landscapers must invest in stunning photos that will serve as the basis for customer decisions. The more beautiful the photos are of previous jobs completed, the more likely a customer would work with that particular landscaper.



Visual artists

Can you imagine a professional web designer who works with other people’s art to use as a website template? This is essentially copying someone else’s art.

A visual artist’s website design must be tailored to the medium they use, design style, and other elements that set them apart from other visual artists.



Dry Cleaners

Most dry-cleaning businesses rely on neighborhood foot traffic to bring in clients. But if they get more customers from both online and offline channels, the more profit they’ll make. Due to tough competition, however, it pays to be unique and different.

This is where a customized website plays a vital role. It’s the perfect way to stand out based on a design that conveys exactly what a business is about and how its audience can relate.



Hire Custom Website Design in San Diego

If you want your small business in San Diego to thrive, you need to be different and memorable. It all starts with a website tailored to your company’s vision, mission, and story.




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